This I Believe

Joyce - Springfield,, Oregon
Entered on July 2, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I believe that we are no more or less than another species on this earth. There is no after life and there is no one to forgive our sins. What we have is one life to do with what we will. That makes this life very, very precious. And because I see my life as precious, I look at other lives the same way. I respect life and feel a strong responsibility to live my life with love, with honesty, with respect and tolerance and all the things that go into creating good relationships. It is through relationships that we leave our mark on the world. Everything we say and do affect the people we are relating to. Therefore, we must be responsible in our words and actions.

It is true that we are different from other species since we can reason. We don’t know that other species absolutely can’t reason, but from our observations, we assume as much. This is another reason to revere life. Because of our special abilities we can do so much to preserve life, to preserve the earth, to improve our stay here on earth, and to create various art forms to enhance our live.

In order to feel good about ourselves and respect ourselves, we must act in ways that constantly improves who we are as human beings. I believe in the adage that states that we should live according to how we want to be remembered. After all, that’s all there is.