This I Believe

elizabeth - riverdale, Maryland
Entered on July 1, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50


I believe in God .God being the all in all. The omniscience and omnipresence. I believe in God

the Almighty because he made the heaven and the earth and made the earth his foot stool.

Who is like unto him? I believe there is none. He is an incomparable God with the capital letter

G.I believe because he created he will grant the desire of my heart at his appointed time. A time

that will glorify his name of being supreme. When I was hospitalized because I believe he is the

greatest physician and a jealous God for that matter, he will not want to share his glory with

anybody, he confirmed that by healing of all my infirmities. Doctors are just by me as a symbol

but he is the supreme master, prince of peace, lord of lords,acient of days, the lion of the tribe

of Judah. I believe his words when he said come unto me does who are heavy laden and I will

give you rest. I believe in God Almighty ever reigned King. The God that was, that is and that is

to come. I believe in GOD because when I am lonely he gives me companion. When I am weak

he gives me strength. When I am sad he gives me joy. I believe in GOD because he said he will

always be there for me that I SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID.

At a time of my life I was so discouraged about everything concerning my life.It seems that everything was just in a stand still,no job,no money,no nothing.Then I remembered his word “call unto me and I will answer you”.Because I beleive I called unto God ,he definately answered me .He made me and my husband win the american lottery to leave Nigeria to come and be a permanent resident of the USA.This I beleive that GOD is still in the business of doing miracle.