I Believe in Evil

Sasha - Bellevue, Washington
Entered on July 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Since day 1 of the child’s birth, parents try to shelter them from experiencing all the evils of the world; hate, death, poverty. However how can someone learn to appreciate something they’ve been raised to believe is common and right? Some might call these people spoiled, but they haven’t been taught anything to question their beliefs or their “morals”.

I was one of these children until about 5 weeks ago, when my English class started learning about genocide. We were educated about it in every form; books, movies, discussions, etc. I watched the movie “Hotel Rwanda” without shedding a tear, but what I gained from that movie, was worth more to me than all of the great novels and movies I’ve watched through out my whole life. I look at how much those people had, how much they made of it, how much it took to get them through life. And I can’t help but be jealous and envy what they’ve gained from life. How they can love so much more than we can, how they can care so much more than we can.

All of this causes me to wonder, what does it take for a person to be thankful for everything they have. I like to think I’ve learned my lesson, but I know I will never be close to having the heart they do.

I’ve lived in Bellevue for a big chunk of my life, 12 ½ years, in a very safe community, with very polite and caring people. And I always thought that was ordinary, sure we were educated on the poorer places of the world. But I’ve never experienced them, I’ve never left my comfortable abode.

I am extremely grateful to my teacher for not forcing anything on us, allowing us discover it for ourselves.

And now as I step out the front door every morning to get in the car for school, the grass seems a little greener, the sky a littler bluer, and the air a littler fresher.