This I Believe

Sterling - Westbank, BC, Canada
Entered on June 30, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I Don’t Do Old [thoughts from an old man]

This I believe, I don’t do old. There are things to do in my garden, lilies to grow. Stella d’ore’s blooms are my galaxy. Iris’ blue fills my eyes with ecstasy. I don’t do old.

I do ikebana and haiku. Creative writing and poetry keep my mind active. God’s love and ideas light my spirit. Art and literature can fill me with awe. Life is sweet, never, I will never age out. I don’t do old.

I do global warming with Dr. David Suzuki and Professor David Schindler and Al Gore’s climates in crisis. My affinity is with my arctic; ice, melt, and water…polar bears drowning. I don’t do old.

I don’t do war. McNam and McWorld leaders have left me lost and sad. Iraqui, Afghani, English and American deaths leave me empty inside. Cluster bombs, suicide bombs – revenge and retaliation between Muslims and Christians fundamentalists bring me doubts about modern God and religion. I am becoming disillusioned. I do – do peace but I won’t do old.

Faith, honesty, creation and teachings light my spirit. Kindness spins my web. Altruism, A.I.D.S., H.I.V. and world poverty are my bonds…entanglements of laughter are the gossamer threads that tie my connections together. I won’t do old