This I Believe

Entered on June 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Smiling to Strangers

Showing a positive not only attitude reflects your personality but it also affects others. This is why I believe in smiling to strangers. It’s a kind gesture that will make others smiling back, an opportunity to meet people and to be friendly. I have made it a custom to smile at people who I encounter. It is a practice that I enjoy doing because it makes me feel good to be acknowledged when making eye contact with others.

I like to be the first one to smile when I see another person. It’s a nice silent exchange of a “Hello” and no conversation is needed afterwards. Sometimes I find myself returning the smile and I appreciate the friendly salute.

I’m a very shy person and this motion makes it easier to approach others. I found this out at the photo center in our local Wal Mart. I develop photos on a regular basis and I would frequently encounter a young couple while waiting in line or when picking up my prints. After exchanging many “silent hellos” we would swap verbal greetings to one another. Eventually we exchanged small conversations and now I look forward to meeting my new acquaintances when I go to pick up my pictures.

It’s easy to be distracted when you’re mind is occupied with daily tasks at hand. However it does payoff to take the time and smile to friends, fellow co-workers and to strangers. Being friendly and courteous reflects a positive attractiveness to oneself and others like to be around you. If I surround myself with optimism I end up having a good day or at least not such a bad one.

Smiling to strangers is one of the small things that make a big impact in my life. I like to have others return the smile, meet new people and to be courteous. This is why I believe in smiling to strangers.