Being helpful to others

Richard - Paynesville, Minnesota
Entered on June 29, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe I was put on this earth to be helpful to others. I also believe others were put here for the same reason. When I was younger, I was not the best driver. When my attention would shift to something off of the road, like a dog running in a ditch, I would tend to drive toward it. One time I got stuck in the snow doing precisely that. One day while I was at work, and elderly gentleman I had never met showed up at my office. After determining that my business would be unable to help him, he proceeded to give me advice on keeping a vehicle between the lines. I had not asked him about driving, and did not even bring up the subject, but I did listen to his advice and have been a better driver since. I believe this man was sent to help me, and I am grateful for the help. I have not seen this gentleman ever again.

I have had a few occasions where I have thanked my guardian angel, the elderly gentleman who gave some needed advise, and another time that involved my driving skills. Again, when I was younger, I was sitting at a red light, and was watching closely for the light to turn green, so I could race through the intersection ahead of the other vehicles waiting at the light. I was poised to stomp on the gas pedal as the light turned green, but my foot just wouldn’t move. In that split second delay, a car flew through the intersection right in front of me, it had run the red light. I thanked my guardian angel, while my heart rate returned to normal, and I proceeded carefully on my way.

I believe we are all called to perform these kinds of services to our fellow humans. I think we are helpful to people without even trying, in the normal course of our lives. I do not know why or how that elderly gentleman was sent my way, and I don’t know if he knew he was being of great service to me, but I hope I am, and will be able to be of similar service to others. I also believe we receive help from sources we can not see. I believe we are all connected by an energy that moves between us. I do not try to find an explanation for it; I just try to stay aware of it, and connected to it, so I can be helpful to others.