This I Believe

Jennifer - san antonio, Texas
Entered on June 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe there are no coincidences. The word coincidence does not exist in my vocabulary. To say coincidences occur would be like saying life is a series of spontaneous events that happen without reason or meaning. We are who we are because that’s who we are supposed to be. I believe that every action, every word, and even every thought we have is like casting a stone into a still lake creating a ripple effect that goes on for miles and miles. I believe everyone has a conscience, but I also believe not everyone listens to it. Once I became aware that there really is a little voice in the back of my head I knew I had to listen to it. But not just listen to it, but actually exert the effort and take the “road less traveled” by carrying out what I actually know is right. I believe living my life this way has made me more aware of the all-knowing universe. I find that when I stumble upon what others refer to as “coincidences,” I view them as affirmations that I am in tuned, in tuned to the silent hum of the universe, a hum only heard by those who do not believe in coincidences. I have my close friend Natalie to thank for my adopted way of thinking. She epitomizes the golden rule, and she leads by example rather than “do as I say, not as I do.”

One night I got lost on my way to a party. I was circling the neighborhood while calling my friend Bryan for directions when my cell phone died. What was I to do? I pulled over and waved my arms in the air to the first vehicle that passed. Luckily, the person stopped, got out, and as the figure approached me, I asked, “I’m sorry, but do you know where the street Hunters Circle is?” Instead of an answer to my question, the stranger responds, “Is that Jennifer Crowley?” The stranger was not a stranger at all; he was my friend from Jr. high and high school, Walker, who I had not seen in five years. He picked me up, spun me around and we talked for a few minutes before letting me use his cell phone so I could call Bryan and find my way. I thanked him. He drove away. Next week he died. If I had not been on that exact street at the exact same time my phone died, I would have never gotten to see my friend before he passed. It was at that moment- when I got the call that he had passed- that I realized there is a grand reason behind everything in this world. I believe that things do not always make sense, that life isn’t always fair, but if we accept that everything happens for a reason, we can see life in a totally different light, a brilliant, luminous, and radiant light.