This I Believe

Kathline - St. Charles, Illinois
Entered on June 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: death

Recently I was speaking to a priest about life and God’s will. As we sat and talked he told me his thoughts of life and death. Standard faith based words flowed from him like the wine that he blessed last Sunday. As my mind started to drift he cleared his throat and asked me what I thought of death.

My thoughts of death are as follows…

As children our parents planned and planned a wonderful vacation… In my case I will never forget going to Disneyland. We packed and loaded the car up and left at 3 am to begin the drive from Chicago to Florida. (Why did Dad always have to leave at 3am??)

During the drive we stopped at all the tourist stops all the while getting more and more excited seeing the wonder that is Florida. Stopping here and there to enjoy Stucky’s Salt water taffy and pulling alongisode the road to touch the welcome to Florida sign. Palm trees and sand, and strange looking moss that hung from the trees.

Finally you arrive at the Hotel and take the monorail to the Gleaming park. Charector’s and dreams spring to life as you play in the sun and marvel at the glory wonders of the Disney Park’s. Then all at once it is time to wave goodbye and head home. I can remember tears flowing freely as I waved at Mickey and Minnie.

To me life is like that vacation trip in a nutshell. You prepare for the trip and in making the trip you learn and see new and diffferent things. Then as suddenly as you get relaxed it is time to go. As my vacation comes to a close this time I am not leaving without a fight