This I Believe

E. T. - Flagstaff, Arizona
Entered on June 28, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in Absurdism, which is the idea that the world is without meaning or rationale. I believe that Absurdism is the only explanation that truly fits the facts we have so far.

Absurdism has been sneaking up on me for many years as I have been slowly but surely eliminating all those other absurd beliefs. All the fairy tales, myths, hallucinations, prejudices, fears and desires that comprise the foundations of our various belief systems have failed me, and I am left with the Absurd.

It’s different in the Absurd. I’ve had to learn to let go, to ease up, to unthink a lot of old stuff. I’ve developed considerable humility because I’ve had to admit that, like everything and everybody else, I, too, am absurd. My sense of humor has proved invaluable. So far, Absurdism has yet to embarrass or disappoint me.

As an Absurdist, I don’t go beyond what we reasonably know, which is an awful lot but, alas, for many of us, not nearly enough. We still haven’t solved all the big mysteries or answered the really big questions. But that’s okay… that’s okay. I feel no need to believe the unbelievable, no need to see the unseeable, no need to make believe or fake believe. Imagination is marvelous but not miraculous.

Everyone detects a bit of absurdity now and then, but only an Absurdist accepts and embraces the Absurdness of it all. (I wonder how many of us there are.) Absurdism may not be much, but it’s all we’ve got. And, hey, that’s okay. It’s all absurd, including Absurdism itself. That’s what I believe.