Fathers and Kids

Courtney - Wichita Falls, Texas
Entered on June 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe: fathers are meant to be with their children from the day they are born. I have a father and I know him, but I am one of the unlucky ones because my father is nothing like a father should be. He doesn’t support me or boost me up. He abused me when nothing was wrong and he isn’t there for the good or bad times in my life.

At age five our father sexually abused my sister and me. He loved pornography so he had his own live porn with us. He forced us to touch each other while he was watching.

At the same age he was caught, because my sister and I told our mom what had been happening, and she turned him in that instant. I remember seeing him being arrested. Our grandmother, his mother, told us to tell the court that he didn’t do anything and that our mom was making it all up.

After all the charges were dropped our dad sent us to his mother’s, so he wouldn’t get caught again. After that we only saw him once or twice a month. Any other time he had to make excuses for us to see him.

He never put money in to help with the bills. He never did anything for us. He only got things for us at Christmas time. For seven years we lived with our grandmother and he never gave her any money to help us out.

Now we are living with our mom and we have taken our dad out of our lives because he doesn’t want to own up to anything he has done to us in the past. Sometimes I feel bad that he isn’t with me, but I am happy that I am no longer close to him because I want to be close to my mom.

This is my story of why fathers should be with their children at all times. I don’t regret cutting my dad out of the picture, but I do get mad that he will not tell his daughters the truth about everything that has went on. This is why I think fathers should be with their children.