This I Believe

Sarah - Beavercreek, Ohio
Entered on June 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

While growing up, I’ve been asked a multitude of times what I wanted to be. First, it was a beautician. Later, I just plain didn’t know. Sometime after freshmen year in high school, I was asked by my Aunt Rita what I thought I would like to do. My answer was still I’m not sure right now. That night, sitting in church, I felt inspired. I had been contemplating her question and comments about being a lawyer because I was very smart, when suddenly I decided I had a solution. I wanted to be a pediatrician. I loved kids and was smart and want a lucrative career. It only dawned on me after my junior year had begun that all my energy on school had been expended in earlier, easier years. I just did not have the drive or motivation for such a schooled career. Lately though, I have been watching the food network, and that combined with my recent trip to Italy did me in. I decided my new life plan would be to get a business degree, go to Italian culinary school and then later open my own restaurant. After my restaurant was set, I would go back to school and become a photography teacher, my second love.

Every child is told that they can be whatever they want and this I believe. I believe that the child on the school bus can be the next astronaut to land on the moon. I believe the little girl walking through the mall with her mother can be the next president. I believe the child playing ball in the street can be a covert FBI agent. I believe that it is possible for these and all others to achieve any dream they ever have. I believe that in this land of opportunity and wonder even one who comes from the lowest point can rise to the most power. I believe that anyone can achieve anything. I believe that anything is possible, and so I believe that I too will fulfill my dreams.