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christy - Chickamauga, Georgia
Entered on June 23, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Christy Goodwin

June 23, 2007

I Believe In Laughter

I believe in laughter. I’m the type of person that likes to make people laugh, no matter what the situation. Making some one smile and feel better is a daily goal for me. I’ve never under stood people with no sense of humor. They act as if their faces will break if they crack a smile. Why would someone want to live life so serious all the time? That would be so boring to me.

My husband and I are always joking around and playing tricks on one another. Therefore, we’ll probably never reach that “old boring marriage” stage that a lot of couples face. We’ve even raised our children to know the importance of laughter and good times. I can think of several instances where we couldn’t even hardly eat supper, due to the jokes and comments of our children laughing us to tears.

I also have a very funny relationship with my parents, sister, and my brother. It’s like a comedy explosion when we all get together. We didn’t have a whole lot growing up, and we all lived in a small 2 bedroom house. I shared a bedroom with my sister, whose seven years older, and my brother, whose five years older than me. So, you can just imagine how pleasant that was. I believe that having that close of a relationship then , is what made us so close today. I’m not so sure I would be as comical as I am today, if I had grown up in a different lifestyle.

I was elected “wittiest” my senior year in high school, and that’s how a lot of people still remember me today. Making someone laugh gives me the greatest feeling of accomplishment. People are always telling me that they love to be around me because, no matter how bad they were feeling , I could always make them laugh. I believe that ability is a gift from God, and that’s why making someone laugh is a daily goal for me.