This I Believe

Tammie - Ellijay, Georgia
Entered on June 23, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in letting something be what it is intended to be by nature. Nature lets every living object on earth grown and be nurtured to its full potential during its lifetime on this vast earth.

Children need to be children as well as parents need to be parents. Growing up the middle child, it seemed at times I was the only mature person in the house. Being the kid of an alcoholic father and a mother who always wanted to change him before he wanted to, made for many times of “walking on eggshells.” Friends couldn’t come over; no-one wanted their kids around a drunk’s child. My Nanny used to call me a peacemaker of my family. I’d run interference for my older brother, do everything I could to pacify my mom, protect my little sister, and pour out my daddy’s beer to stop any bad moments before they happened.

This never worked, but with childlike-faith I tried constantly. I learned that my childhood was taken quickly. I had alot of chores as a child; all children need chores to learn the value of work. Mine came from trying to keep everyone happy, I plainly had to grow up fast. This is where my belief of letting children be children and parents be parents are stemmed from personal experience. They say children follow in their parents footsteps; I have made mistakes on my own, working on not repeating them again. In my life today, I try to be more fun-loving, but it is hard, I’m always looking out for someone else. I guess the best thing that came out of my childhood was the sense of laughing instead of crying. Make the best of every situation, there is always someone that has a worse one in their life.

Parents need to be parents, if you have a child you cannot let have a childhood, find someone that is capable of responsible decisions and morals to pass on to your child. Don’t let pride keep the child hide in the bedroom or outside in a tree with a book to escape problems that’s beyond their control. It dampens one’s spirits quickly. Be a wonderful parent, help a child to grow and learn in a childlike environment, and help them make choices they can enjoy and also ones that teach them responsibility for later in life. Life has many journeys, many are lonely and sorrowful. Don’t let childhood be a journey that is to short and holds no memories of laughter and the care-free lazy days of summer, what stories will they be able to honestly tell your grandchildren about “when I was a kid” my parents did this with me or that with me.

I believe in children being children and parents being parents. I’m thankful that my family is more of a family now, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out, but many of my lessons of life was learned long before the adulthood years.