Putting Others First

Amber - Ellijay, Georgia
Entered on June 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Why do people sometimes seem surprised when someone does something nice for them? If more people put others before themselves, what a better world it could be. People would be less selfish and greedy. I believe in putting others first. This characteristic makes me feel good about myself. This trait makes me realize that the person beside me is just as important. Throughout my life several people have taught me the true meaning of putting others first. I give credit to this belief because of three heroic people.

The first is Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for everybody’s sins. Although I am sure Jesus did not want to die, He did this because He loved us. He put everybody’s life before His own. In situations where the question arises, do I put this person before myself? I stop and think about what Jesus did for me and then I gladly put that person first.

The second person who has taught this believe is my grandmother. After my grandfather died, my grandmother had four children to care for. My grandmother would work in the fields like a man just to put food on the table for her children. Although I am sure she was exhausted from the hard labor, she never complained because her happiness was her children’s happiness. A lot of times my grandmother would go without just so her children could have. In 2000 my grandmother became ill. As she would struggle for breath, she would show no fear. She was being brave for her family. Even close to death, my grandmother put others before herself. From her hospital bed she told her daughter how she wanted her funeral conducted. She did not ask for fancy arrangements, everything she requested was a way to make her death easier for her family. Witnessing and hearing stories of how my grandmother put others first has left a huge impact on my life. I often reflect back on my grandmother’s actions and it gives me an even stronger desire to put others first.

The third person who has also showed me the value of putting others first is my own mother. My mother has always put her two daughters’ wants and needs before her own. I can remember times when she would stay up late helping us with homework or those last minute projects for school. Although she was tired from a hard days work, she was always willing to help. I am sure there were times when she wanted to buy herself a new outfit, but buying us new clothes came first. She always made sure we had enough even though it meant she did without. I am now married and my mother is still putting me before herself. She always offers to help me in any way knowing she has a million other things to do herself. For example, one day I had guests coming to visit at last minute notice and my mother did not hesitate for one minute to come and help me prepare for my guests. My mother put her activities on pause just so she could help me. My mother has also inspired me to believe in putting others first.

Anytime I see an opportunity to put someone before myself, I take it. These three people that I have mentioned have showed me loving one another can make putting others first easy. I have and will always believe in putting others people before myself.