This I Believe

Brandon - Chickamauga, Georgia
Entered on June 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

Looking back at my life, I believe the most cherished memory is that of myself and my brother spending time together. Maybe not in the traditional means, but there is little difference between any sibling who has a connection with another family member by enjoying a hobby together. Just like a family that enjoys playing a sport or making model airplanes together, my brother and I were brought closer together by our passion of video games. I believe in the bonding power of video games.

When I was growing up, my family didn’t have very much money, but the one luxury my brother and I had was video games. The most important thing that came from these games for me was a cooperative experience with my brother. My brother and I would do other things that boys like to do, like climbing trees and playing with matches, but the thing that bound us together more than anything else was when we teamed up to save the world from aliens, or when we competed to save a princess, or if we just wanted to wail on each other without being yelled at by our parents. As my brother aged and spent more time with friends and girls, I was usually left with no one to help me fight hordes of rampaging zombies. However, whenever he would come home, we would team up once again to defeat more digitized baddies. It would always bring me back to the time when we were the heroes of the world whom no one could defeat.

Today, we live miles apart from each other, and rarely get to see each other any more. However, we can still talk on the phone and reminisce about the good old days of fighting demons and saving children. It is the one thing in our lives that binds us together more than anything else ever did. The power of a video game to bring together people in such a strong and profound way in my own life is a testament to how socially powerful video games can be to friends and family alike. This I believe.