This I Believe

Johnny - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Relax. When you are being pressured by deadlines and running short on time to get things done, all you need to do is relax. I believe that people are too stressed out and need to relax. People need times of relaxation in order to function properly; in order to do well when they need to. I find that if I am stressed out by deadlines etc. and I try to write something or do an assignment, it just doesn’t work. So I’ll take a nap, I’ll watch some TV, I’ll play some video games or I’ll read a little bit in order to calm my mind and nerves and allow myself to do well.

I find that people often stress out about things that are overall unimportant. If we just relax and look at things from the perspective of “what will happen if I don’t do this, or do it poorly?” we will find that many things hold less importance overall and it is then possible to perform the task while relaxed and thus perform better then if we had been nervous.

I recently had an experience where I forgot my belief and it caused me much grief; I had two research papers to write, I had to plan and write a proposal for a community service project for Eagle scout, I had two merit badges to complete much work for, I had an audition for a choir ensemble, I had to attend a six hour awards ceremony, and I had a rehearsal for a concert as well as the actual concert to perform in and all these things had to be finished within 5 days. Being this time was near the end of the school year, my brain did not want to do this much work and I freaked out under the pressure. I lost my cool. I realized how stupid I was being when a teacher asked me to write a reflection on an assignment and I wrote a few things in a flash of hatred that I soon after regretted. Once I realized how I was letting all the pressure get to me, I slapped and cursed myself, lied down, and slowly thought through everything I needed to do, and when it needed to be done by. I could calmly rationalize what needed my attention most and what could be put aside for a while, then I wrote everything down. I took a little while to calm myself down, and then I deftly went to work and was eventually able to get everything done and on time. By calming myself down, I was able to finish my work easily and well.

People need to relax. They need to calm down and not worry about things because when they worry and stress out, they actually just make things worse, both in terms of quality of work and mental health as well. If people just calm down and take things as they come, then things can be done better and more efficiently.