This I Believe

Kevin - los angeles, California
Entered on June 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Ore to [OMAE] ase mamirede sa

baka mitai ni ano natsu wo kaketeta

ore to [OMAE] doro mamirede sa

sawagi sugita houkago no [MERODII]

imademo hibiku yo


I believe that nationalities should not be something that represents us. I am Mexican American, I was born speaking Spanish when I entered pre K, I started to learn English now I can speak Japanese I am not very fluent but I can order meals and ask for the weather or give directions and some other basic things.

Somehow through out my whole life I have always been interested in the Japanese culture like food music and the wacky tv shows. I have been teased by cousins and some of my friends and have even told that I act more Japanese that my Japanese American friends. I do not let that get me down but I joke around with them and just try to be silly.

I like many things about Japan the food (ramen, katsu curry, and soba) the wacky game shows/soap operas, and the girls. What I really love is the Japanese music. I am what they call a J-rocker which basically means Japanese rock. Listening to X Japan’s ballads and crazy hair metal songs to Kishidans rockabilly tunes and then to Gackt’s poppy songs is what puts me to peace. This does not inspire me to be the next greatest rock star in Japan but to improve my Japanese to be able to fully communicate and to be fully immersed in the culture and not be seen as a tourist or an anime nerd that thinks that all Japanese people have big eyes and when they cry a river comes out of there eyes.

I see myself in a couple of years as a teacher or a college/university professor somewhere teaching Japanese to walk into a classroom and to finally be called a sensei would certainly mean that I have fulfilled my life.

Nationality does not represent us if it did our life’s would be boring it would be like everyone would be the same. To fall in love with another culture is what makes our life’s more exciting and it always spices things up.