This I Believe

Liana - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Watching movies is probably the best medicine that anyone could prescribe when someone is having a hard time in life. Watching a movie can transport you to another time, place, or life – ultimately, away from your own mind.

In watching a movie you must take your mind off whatever you are thinking about to be able to fully understand and enjoy a movie. Have you ever tried watching a movie while talking to friends and thinking about what you want to do next? As much as it is possible to do, there is really no point. The point of watching a movie is to become one with the characters and their experiences and be transported into the moment. This is why there are actors and actresses who are paid to act like someone else. This is why we enjoy the great ones so much – we are able to relate to the character they are playing by the realness of their emotions.

I have had plenty of hard times in my life, just like you who is listening to this. Instead of mulling over how horrible I feel and what I should do, I just turn on my TV and put on a movie. Whether it be HBO, a DVD, or a VHS tape (yes, I still have those), I am able to escape my own reality and feel so drawn into the movie that I feel like I am actually in it. You know the feeling – you start jerking around in your seat or you try to tell the character to do something and you don’t quite realize that they can’t even hear you. You become so suspended in the moment that you don’t want to blink or even move until the movie is over and you are brought back to reality.

Once in reality, you have stopped pondering over what you should do with your life and what has happened and you become so content, relaxed, and simply ready to face whatever challenges come next…just like the characters you had been watching. I believe in watching movies.