The History of a Game

samantha - santa monica, California
Entered on June 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community, sports

I believe in watching the game. I believe in hockey, baseball, soccer and football. I believe in crowds and fans and small towns full of them.

I grew up watching hockey every night with my dad. Whether it was a live game or games from 15 years ago that we would review, it was every night that we would sit in front of our living room television cursing and screaming and doing our goal dance.

The Buffalo Sabres are a team that I believe in. I believe in every goal that they score and in every player that has donned a Buffalo Sabres uniform. I believe that Miller can stop every puck that will attempt to make its way into his goal. I believe that Hasek was the single most responsible goalie to ever play in the NHL. I believe that Numminen will never quit the game and that Drury’s face will eventually be reconstructed back into the shape of a human after taking an Ottawa playoff puck to the face.

Watching the game of hockey was always more to me then just the game. The combination of the united fans and the closeness that the game has created between me and my dad make the game of hockey something that is irreplaceable to me. Every time a Sabre makes a goal my dad and I do our goal dance.The dance is composed of two simple steps that are easily adaptable by a 40 year old man who is not known to be coordinated with graceful movement. Our smiles are inevitable, it is a happiness that is so true that there is no news that could salinify the feeling. When my dad and I go to the Sabres games in Buffalo there is an indescribable warmness among the crowd. There are no words that I am capable of stringing together that could simulate the feeling that I get from watching the game and being a part of the crowd at that rink. During every game at Buffalo’s rink the song Sweet Caroline never fails to echo throughout the arena. Everyone knows the words including my grandma (whether or not its because of her love for the Sabres or her love for Neil Diamond is unspecified). My favorite part of the game is when everyone sings Wild Thing.My favorite part is when people sing the screams of triumph over the enemy.

The game of hockey brings me to realize a sense of unity between fans, even fans supporting different teams are united through their love for the game. I believe in hockey and I believe in 200 pound men sporting too much face paint and too little clothes. I believe in dodger dogs and I believe in peanuts with shells, I believe in the old man who sells the peanuts who looks like he’d croak if he ate a dodger dog. I believe in every element involved in constructing a perfect game experience for the fan of any sport.

I guess you could say that I’m total sports junkie, or a hockey junkie. I guess that I believe in a lot of things, but most of all I believe in the unity of the fans.