This I Believe

Ting - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Comfy shoes”

To me, shoes are not popular brand names and fancy displays, but

comfy fits.

I believe everyone deserves at least one pair of comfortable shoes. This pair has cushion insoles, soft edges, and supportive heels. This pair has desired styles, patterns, and colors. This pair lasts after experiencing rain, dirt, long distance, and clumsiness. This pair satisfies individual needs, from casual walks on the street to intense competitions on the court. This pair fits perfectly.

I keep a collection of comfortable shoes. They are not popular, trendy, or fancy, but they are comfortable, personalized, and reliable. They endure long school days. They tolerate endless shopping sprees. They accompany to formal recitals. They bear constant frictions and twists.

I used to obsess fancy and trendy shoes. I wanted to fit in with my peers. I only cared to look cool. When I carelessly threw away my worn and outdated shoes, struggling to fit in new and cool ones, my mom said:” Wear shoes that fit you, not the trend of society.” Looking at my rashly red and swollenly purple feet, I reflected on those words. Truly, I realize that life is about being honest and real to myself, seeking for what I need, not what is in style. I should not be enslaved by this materialistic and iconic society. After all, Cinderella glass slippers will not fit every girl; she deserves her own fantasy.

Shoes accompany us as we walk the journey of life. From the favorite squeaky baby shoes, to the trendy converse sneakers, to formal leather shoes, to conservative flats, I believe everyone deserves at least one pair of comfortable shoes that take on the rocky road of life.