Marriage for Happiness

Stephanie - Hampton, Virginia
Entered on June 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

My husband and I met when I was in ninth grade, and from the moment I met him I knew we would share our life together. We dated for over two years before he proposed to me the summer before my senior year. I was excited about our future life together and started planning for our wedding day immediately; however, many would view this quickly planned wedding as something that was expected of us. I found out three months after his proposal I was four months pregnant with our son. We got married in December of my senior year, and many of my teachers, classmates, and possibly family members viewed our marriage as a necessity instead of a want for happiness. I believe marriage should be out of happiness and love for one another.

I believe my marriage is built on love. Many people hear how young we were and are stunned that we have been married for so long; however, it is not how long we have been married but how we have spent our lives together that is important. My husband and I have spent the majority of our eleven years together. We have not had much money during our marriage; so long vacations have not happened. Our vacations are spent at home kicking back and relaxing. My favorite time spent with my husband and now our ten year old son is playing video games. I have spent hours in front of the television playing silly games and have enjoyed every minute. Some of the games are not always exciting like a trip to Disney World would be, but the love and laughter from our time is what matters the most.

All marriages have times that are hard and mine is no different. My husband and I have been through a lot of hard times from death to personal reasons, but we helped each other through these times with the love we have for each other. My dream has always been to become an elementary school teacher, and he has encouraged me to reach my dream. After working nine years in food service and retail, I finally decided to listen to my husband and return to school. I would have never gone to pursue my dream if it was not for his guidance, encouragement, and help. We both started school together two years ago and our time together has been sacrificed a bit. Having a total of thirty-six credit hours between the both of us during a semester has kept us busy, but we manage to make time for one another even it means studying together. I believe happiness and love has given us the opportunity to reach our dreams together and has helped us achieve them.

My journey through marriage has been fun and enjoyable. A healthy and long marriage is one where both people are happy, love, and respects one another. I believe marriage should be built out of love and happiness.