This I Believe

Emma - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in forgetting memories. My good memories define my past while my bad memories define my knowledge.

I believe in keeping some memories while letting others go. I learned at an early age that trust is not an easy thing to maintain. Once I got into a huge fight with my best friend. The idea of her lying to me haunted my every thought, it was a memory that I refused to shake off. I asked myself whether I deserved the decency of honesty or whether it was a quality too hard to find at such a young age. Today, looking back, I realize how trivial the whole situation seemed. On the surface however, during that moment it overwhelmed me, I felt worthless and dispensable. This situation taught me a much greater lesson than the power of honesty.

Till this day, I cannot remember the actual cause of this fight. As time passed, I realized that it was not the lie that haunted me it was the memory of how I felt and the tears I cried.

It is hard to let go of some memories, however some memories deserve to be forgotten. We should look back on life and see experiences and adventures, not solely a plethora of regretful memories.

It takes a strength and courage to know when to move on and forget about the past. Many fear that doing so will reveal a painful vulnerability, however I have learned that after enduring the pain a weight is lifted and it is finally easier to breathe. The liberation and freedom we feel after weeding out the bad memories from the good is a rare cure to the feeling of abolishment for any remaining guilt. It is important to learn how to alter a bad experience into a learning experience. If we do not the sadness and sorrow would serve no purpose.

I believe in moving on. The power of dwelling can paralyze our minds and souls. Dwelling prevents logic and reconcilliation, it is a virus that can be cured through the transformation of harmful memories.

This is not merely about a lie or a fight between two young girls it’s about a learning experience that simplifies my life and I learned that no matter what the case, everyone deserves honesty. With some arduous weeding and shaping of what we choose to remember, that act of letting past and useless memories go becomes a whole lot easier. The only difference between a good and bad memory in the long run is how we chose to remember it.