This I Believe

Stefan - Tukwila, Washington
Entered on June 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe as the generations grow, we need to continue to grow as people. The generations have passed and have all grown. We now live in one of the most pivotal eras ever known to man and the most growing needs to occur now. I have a chance to change the world and help the world grow only as a seventeen year old with the power to vote in 2008. I have the power to get great education and some way, some how change the world just like Dr. Martin Luther King did. George Washington was a major help to the growth in generations a long time ago by being a leader and being involved in the revolution of America.I have the power to do the same. We need people in this generation to grow, mature. and become future men and woman who have the will to lead our nation.

How close are we going to be as people in the future? What are we going to be doing in the last few seconds of out lifetimes? is there anything we can do to stop the current issues that we face in the world today? Are there many chances that a great catastrophic event may occur. There are the chances of a virus out breaking and reaching throughout the entire world; a nuclear war may start at any time since countries are developing fast. The rare and current issue as we speak today is countries being wiped out due to the happening of global warming. Global Warming is an upcoming rising issue that may have an outbreak in the future. If it does happen we need someone out there to do something about it.

Stefan, “ you have to study hard in school so one day, you can be rich and buy a mansion”. My parents always tell me. I think to myself what if one day I do become successful and everything I have worked for is whipped out due to the end of the world. So I ask what am I working so hard for? Is it worth it? I look down at my self and tell myself that one day there will be a cure to aids, war and terrorism will stop across the globe, all human beings across the world will get along no matter the religion, race, color, or anything else that has to interfere with who we are and why we are who we are. So once again I think to my self. Am I forced to tell myself all these things, or do I really believe them?

I know that we cannot change the world and make it better in a matter of a couple of years, but we can still try. If we fail to succeed we have to remember that we tried and we are making the next generation better people. In this world today, we have to eliminate the use of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, pollution, wars and a numerous amount of things. Think about the kind of example that we are setting for the generations to come. Do you want to be known as the person who lived in the generation of all these bad things? We have to start eliminating all these things some time and I think we should start now before it is too late.