This I Believe

Elaina - Eudora, Kansas
Entered on June 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that so much can be revealed through a smile. I would actually go as far to say that a smile could save a life. I think that one true smile could awaken someone’s heart to a love that they may have never known. A smile can hold so many emotions.

I am not talking about the fake smiles that we give throughout everyday because we feel it proper, but when we smile with all of our heart. The smile that comes from so much deeper than a superficial courtesy. I try to smile with all of my heart once erveryday because I think that it can humble you. It is revealing something that we, as humans, are not jubilant to reveal. It reveals that there is a part of us that is vulnerable. When you give this kind of smile you cannot be worried about how it will look to other people or if the deed might be returned. You just through it out there and hope that it will positively affect someone else.

I went on a mission trip last spring break to Mexico. The people for whom we were building a home’s house was made of crates and anything solid and somewhat sturdy that they could find. One of the boys that we were building the house for was named Daniel. Daniel was my age and no longer going to school because he was needed in the home. Daniel was very shy and would not really make any effort to talk to even those on the mission trip who could speak Spanish.

They day that the home was finished, Daniel smiled at me. I knew that this was no ordinary smile. St that moment I realized that this boy’s life has been nothing but inconvenient. I figure that he was probably even a little ashamed that a girl his age was building his home for him. But he was able to muster up a smile that was elated because his house was now the size of my garage. But that smile was completely selfless.

The feeling that I felt at that time made me feel like I could prevail through impossible feats. I know that if i could make someone feel as good about themselves with a smile, as Daniel had done for me, that that was a noble aspiration. I think that if everyone would take a few seconds to do that, to be completely selfless at the gain of others, this world would be a little more blithe.

A smile can make people feel at home and it has the power to mend lost friendships. It can make you feel worthwhile and like you are more than just a moving body in this hectic world. It helps you to see that person, and more importantly, it lets them know that they are seen. I believe in the language of smiles