This I Believe

Tomas - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I am a very forgetful person. Sometimes when I play video games in the living room, my mom would call me and tell me to go get this-and-that in the bedroom, so I would go, and by the time I’d get there, I would not remember a thing she said. However, I do remember this: Ever since I was a child, miraculous events have been happening to me. I believe that there is a guardian angel watching over me.

When I was about three years old, I was the fattest kid in the family. This changed to being the skinniest after I caught a strange illness I call SI. No one really knew how I got it, how I became sick. They only knew that it was not one of those friendly illnesses – those that come, turn around, and leave. It stayed and made itself at home without my permission. It got stronger and meaner every day. My mom took me to a nearby clinic and received some medications for me, and the only thing the medicines did was get it angrier, as if IS were saying “Is that all you’ve got?” My parents, especially my mother, were worried. I was dying. They had no other choice but to take me to a hospital, which was miles away from where we lived. The proposed treatment was very expensive and my parents couldn’t afford it. Disappointingly, they went back home. I turned pale and smelled like a dead person: dead. Even though they didn’t seem to have much effect, my parents could only rely on the medicines and prayers. Then, suddenly, literally, miraculously, I recovered overnight. One afternoon I was dying, the next morning I was smiling.

I believe that every single person out there has a guardian angel. They go where we go. They do what we do. They feel what we feel. They live inside of us. They care for us. They talk to us and give us advice. I believe that it was my Guardian Angel who kept, and is still keeping, me alive, who looks after me, cares for me, stays with me. Whenever I’m in danger, it is my Guardian Angel who makes sure I don’t get harmed.

As my skinny years went by, I encountered other dangers. At the age of seven, I fell from a rooftop, and probably would have died, but my Guardian Angel saved me. At nine, I almost drowned while trying to swim, but my Guardian Angel saved me. At twelve, when I fell from a horse, my Guardian Angel saved me. At fifteen I almost got ran over by a car, but my Guardian Angel saved me. Now that I’m seventeen, I’m just glad to know that somewhere out there, my Guardian Angel is waiting to save me again, which makes me want to look at Danger in the eyes and say, “Is that all you’ve got?”