Diana - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Every day when I walk to school there’s not a moment when I don’t see a homeless person sleeping, begging or looking in the trash can for food. When I see a homeless person sleeping in the streets or begging for food, I feel like a virus has rushed through my veins and it hits directly to the heart knowing that this people don’t have nothing, no food, no family, and no place to stay at.

The wind started to blow harder, my left hand was so cold I feel it’s frozen. I should have looked for the Los Angeles Times to cover myself. I can’t sleep; all the noise, cars passing, cars honking, people murmuring, the wind howling as if telling me to move out of its way. I want to go home, but there’s no home anymore, I have been denied, rejected, thrown to the streets, and even the streets doesn’t want me. My stomach hurts it pleads for food, but where, where will I get food? Hopefully tomorrow that lady gives me food this time, not like earlier today she said, “Get away you lazy stinky bump!”

I believe that the cause of homeless people is the lack of support.

Have you ever imagined how a homeless person may feel or thinks? Do you know the real cause for homelessness? I believe that in any situation that a homeless person may find themselves if they get the help they need denied by the government, the community, society, and their own family members. An ignorant person will deny their help to a homeless person because they think that it is the homeless person fault for being homeless, they think that all homeless people are alcoholic, crack addicts or even say that they are not smart enough and dropped out of school. A person who is compassionate and looks beyond the cover of a book knows that there are more reasons why homeless people exist, like unemployment, mental illness, veterans from the Vietnam War, and domestic violence.

To many, it seems as though these homeless beings have no one to help them. They’ve been brutally mistreated and can’t even go to shelters because of overcrowding. They’re like animals fighting over where to sleep and what to eat. They don’t bother any pedestrians so that pedestrians don’t bother them. Why are they so isolated from the world? They need the community and the government to step up and support them with money, jobs, and food. I believe that the support for these people should come soon so whenever I walk to school, I won’t have to see homeless people sleeping on the streets, begging for money, and looking in trash cans for food.