This I Believe

Suzanne - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe happiness comes through photos.

“What is your hobby?” always seems to come up in conversations with people, and I never used to have an answer for them. Over the past couple of years I have struggled to discover what I am good at, my “hobby,” my destiny. Gradually I learned I saw things differently from others; every time I turned or looked at something I could imagine it in a picture; at that point I discovered I was extremely interested in taking photos.

This year as a junior I was finally able to take Photography, which included a dark room and access to develop my own film. I must admit, I have found my passion, what I truly want to do with my life: take pictures. Midway through first semester, I dropped my French III class, and needed to replace it with another class. Right away I knew what I wanted to take: another photography class, allowing myself to have as much time as possible in the dark room. Rushing down the steep steps of the photo room, I headed straight to the teacher and demanded that he let allow me to become a TA (teachers assistant) for his fourth period; well, I wouldn’t say demanded so much, but persuaded him. I didn’t have to do much persuading; Mr. Wood, my photo teacher was pleased to have me as a TA.

This year I have been able to actually take action in what I love. I soon realized how much I loved taking photos, after realizing I had stayed in the dark room from fourth period through lunch until the end of fifth period. This year I have had my photos put in the hall, and I have even been accepted into AP Art. Capturing something in real life and transferring it to a piece of paper really intrigues me, particularly how an event, memory can be kept forever on a piece of paper. Photography has taught me to take chances, to go for what I believe in. My pictures have taught me to view things from a different perspective, not only one through pictures and the lens of my camera; but have a different perspective of life. Enabling me to view things more than one way. Before photography came into my life I was lost and confused as a person in general—but once I found my passion, once I received my camera—it allowed me to figure out who I am. And this I believe brings happiness.