This I Believe

Carlos - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


Life is too short to just let it pass by. We only have one life and shouldn’t waste any moment that we have left until we reach our very end. I believe that we should enjoy as much as we can of life because we only get to live once.

It was morning of October 25, 2005; I was just arriving to school. First period began and not even ten minutes have passed by and I was already summoned out of class. I saw that my brother and sister have been summoned as well and realize that I’m not in any trouble. But unbeknownst to me, it would be far worst than getting in trouble. One of the counselors told us that our mother was on her way and she would pick us at the school’s main entrance. She arrived and sadness was painted on her face. She was talking about our cousin and was saying “whatever happens, it happens because there is a reason to it” As we arrive to the hospital, she told us about our cousin’s condition.

My cousin, Ronald Hernandez, has been in and out of the hospital for almost a year since he was six years old. He was diagnosed with Leukemia cancer- where the virus kills all of the body’s white blood cells and makes the person more vulnerable to other diseases. I visit him and would always be excited that Halloween was coming because he had a huge party set up for everyone.

We arrived at 8:30. The room door opens; my heart suddenly drops. I see him on the bed, dying. Sadness surrounds my family and all hope has been lost. My aunt asked me to talk to him but as I opened my mouth, nothing came out. It felt like someone had their hands round my neck, preventing me from speaking. All I could think of was how my cousin’s body was trying so desperately to live.

Everyone exits the room because it was getting to hard to bare. Eyes are on me. On the outside, I am calm, but inside, I’m crying my heart out. Minutes turned into hours and all we can do is wait.

Finally, anxious, we get the news. “Ronald has passed away at 10:12 am and gone peacefully,” said the nurse. I quickly went to his room to see for myself. He was still and his face was pale and cold. I cried silently and remained silent for the rest of the day. He was only seven years old when he died. Halloween came and was still celebrated with the feeling that he was still with us.

I believe we should be grateful for being able to wake up every morning. We never know when our time may come so we shouldn’t live with any regrets. Don’t focus on the negative aspect of life; be grateful for the good parts and for what you have, like your family.