This I believe… “Learning is like breathing, you just can’t stop”

Tounsathra - Tukwila, Washington
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There are some people in the world that think they’ve learned it all. Believing they could cease to learn more. It is impossible to stop, ceasing to learn is allowing the brain to stop functioning, which means the person is no longer functioning and no longer breathing. You can never learn enough. I believe learning is like breathing, you just can’t stop. The most powerful, the most intelligent humans in the world still learn. They learn from mistakes, they learn from others.

Learning takes shape and form in many ways. Some learn by doing, some learn by seeing, hearing or even touching. Learning is more than going to school; more than learning how to add, or subtract, how to read and write. You learn how to do, how to speak, and you learn how to think. It takes more than pencils, papers, calculators and books.

A baby learns the moment it is brought into the world. It learns that the woman holding it is its mother. It learns to crawl when it grows. It learns not to touch something hot or something that will hurt it by experience. Later on it learns how to walk and run. A mother learns from her child; learning what to give her child and what not to give. She learns new things about her child as they grow.

Even as a teenager, I learn everyday in and outside of school. In school I learn new equations, how to do better on my reports, how the body functions, subjects from a textbook. I learn how to interact with others, be kind and be comfortable. I learn the skills that will help me with some of the things I’ll face in the outside world. When I’m outside of school I learn how to use my money well. I learn how to become a smart shopper. I learn how to cook and be creative with my food.

I can go on and on with what I learn, because I can not cease to learn. Stopping it will only hurt me. Sometimes learning something can be so easy it is right in front of you but sometimes learning something can be so hard that it’ll take a lifetime to figure out. Learning can sometimes be unexpected even if you want to learn or not. It’s like breathing; it occurs naturally, you can’t avoid it. You just can’t stop.