The World of Imperfection

Karina - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In this world there is no perfection. Nobody in this world seems to have achieved perfection. I believe not being perfect is what makes one unique from each other. If I was perfect then there would be no flaws that would make me unique from others. Everyone desires to be perfect, but why not accept ourselves the way we are?

I have seen how many people struggle to become picture perfect, by going through plastic surgeries. Instead of being real they decide to be fake. I, for one, wouldn’t go through a painful process just to look perfect for others. I have to learn to like how I look and myself, not change it. I did not come into existence to satisfy others and their needs. If I am going to be accepted into society I must be accepted for who I am, not for who others want me to be. Being what I am is best; I feel I am being honest to society as I show the real person I have inside and out of me.

It seems this world only accepts perfection as an answer, but what does it take for a person to be perfect? Do I have to go through a painful process that will practically renovate all my body? Do I have to stop being me? Will I be accepted in this world for trying to be something I’m not? It takes a person’s true desire to change what they were made of. If I was to become perfect I would seem happy, but inside of me I wouldn’t change. I was made a certain way and there is nothing that can change me. If I was to be changed all types of artificial substances would be used to change that person I once was. I would feel remorse for changing my personality and I would practically loose my dignity. It seems as if today’s society is the new peer pressure that is making me and many others change. Every time I see a newspaper stand I see all types of magazines advertising all sorts of products that can make us “perfect.” I see the model smiling with great enthusiasm, but is she really happy for being what she is or is she just posing to get paid like every worker?

People think differently in whether they should change themselves or not. It provokes one to be fake, a plastic material walking on planet earth. When I see a perfectly flawless model I feel down because I am forced to think that I must be like her to become part of the society filled with fame and fortune. I believe models should represent the satisfaction with one self. But instead models present the idea that women should be thin and picture perfect in order to be considered beautiful. I believe we are all born different for a reason. With our flaws, we become unique and we become perfect in our own way. There is no need to change my personality to be accepted; if I was born a certain way I must learn to accept myself. I will feel proud of myself for accepting what I am and I will show the world that I am perfect in my own way. There is no need to be something we are not, instead we should all be real and not fake. Being myself is what makes me, me.