This I Believe

Preston - olympia, Washington
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Anything is possible

Anything is obtainable if believed. No matter how great it may be, or farfetched it may seem, people have been able to accomplish it. Belief starts from a thought and thoughts start from an experience. If a person has experienced something, then obviously it has occurred. A person can now think to himself within a split second how he felt from that experience. After the experience, a goal can be made. For example, if someone experienced a live spacecraft launch and believed that it was the coolest experience of his life, he may decide that he wants to become an astronaut. Since there are only a handful of astronauts in the world, that may seem like only a dream but in reality, at some point in that person’s life becoming an astronaut was attainable.

A goal is like a car, you first need to know where you want to go. Then you need to figure out how to get there. Last is actually getting in the car and driving. The key to success is drive. Drive is the process after belief. After a person believes that he can accomplish that one thing, he then decides that he will do it. This is when drive takes place. Just like a car. First a person decides where to go. Then he drives there. The only problem is if he does not have enough gas to get there. Belief is the gas to a person’s goal. If the person believes enough then his drive will be on a full tank. The last problem is how he goes about the goal. He cannot drive too fast or take a wrong turn. This will depreciate his gas tank. He must take his time and focus one turn at a time. In life, random turns will appear that seem tempting. Roadside stores pop up to distract you from your goals. Eventually the weak believed people will allow these distractions to let them make wrong turns and their destination becomes so much harder to find. Make your goal and don’t allow that goal to leave the top side of your brain until it is complete and remind yourself that there will always be unnecessary detours.