This I Believe

Tonja - Lacey, Washington
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

When you are told you have to write an essay, don’t do it. But at least turn in something saying why you aren’t doing the essay. I believe in not writing essays.

When I was in fourth grade that’s when I remember having to write my first essay. Getting ready for the WASL was what my class was all about. It wasn’t so bad back then but when I got in to freshman year…that’s a whole other story. For instance take Mr. Thomas’s class, essays 3 times a week. We learn how to write them and that you won’t get in trouble for lying in them but still it got old real fast. So basically I didn’t always believe in not writing essays but after that year I had a new belief. I really got this idea from a book I read. It’s “Feeling Sorry for Cecila”. The girl who’s telling the story doesn’t believe in writing essays as well. Instead she writes to the teachers about why she doesn’t want to write them and she still gets credit. I personally think that’s a brilliant idea to do. I mean you don’t have to write a stupid paper on something you really don’t feel like doing so why not just write to you teacher for about the same length but just say why you don’t want to do it.

So next time next school year I’m not going to write my paper I’ll just write about why I’m not going to do my civics paper. And even since I turned in something at least I will get some credit. Yes it’s not whole credit but I mean I don’t want to do it. Also for this assignment I don’t want to write anything about what I believe but I just figured why not write about not believing in writing essays. It makes perfect since to me. I am still going to get my 150 points for writing about something that if I ever tried to turn in I’d probably get nothing for it. By doing this paper I think I am teaching others that you don’t have to write about what your teacher says to write. Instead tell them that you don’t want to by writing it as a paper and just turn it in. So by far this is the one paper that I actually believe in writing and doing what my teachers asks of me.