This I Believe

Melody - SAnta Monica, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Move On

I believe in moving on. I believe that dwelling on your losses only makes them stay with you longer. I’ve believed this for as long as I can remember.

I was adopted, an only child until about the age of four. When I was four, our family decided to adopt another child. To this day, I do not remember my first trip to Disneyland or my best friend in kindergarten, but I remember how excited I was to have a little sister.

The day came when we were finally able to take her home from the adoption agency. I put on my leather buckle shoes, and my favorite dress and the whole family, including the dog, went to pick up the newborn.

My parents were so happy they even threw a party when we arrived home with the child. And then the phone call came. It was the parents of the baby. They wanted her back. We were devastated, however we knew what was best for the child, so we were happy at the same


I remember all the adults at the party trying to comfort me, to tell me everything was going to be alright. All the while, although I was upset, I had already come to terms with the loss. Even at the young age, I believed that if there’s nothing one can do about a situation,

there’s no use in dwelling on it, when the fact is it is not going to change.

I recently read a book in which a certain quote struck me. It said, “My father always told me not to chew on something that’s been eating you”. It was said so simply, but rang so true. I believe the more you dwell on a matter, the more you let it overcome you, which makes it harder to move on. But I believe that to move on, it to become stronger.