This I Believe

maria - north hills, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I Believe in Family

“Always stand next to your family,” my dad constantly reminds of that phrase everyday, ever since I can remember he is always telling me family is one of the most precious gift anyone can have in their life. Without a family it’s like having a space in someone’s heart.

I have two younger sisters and they are my best friends, I could never ask for any better sisters, they are always there to help me, and I am always there for them. Whenever one of us gets in trouble with our parents we back each other up. One time my sister had a bad report card and my dad was furious but I told him that “ the progress reports weren’t important, and that the semester grades were the grades that counted” so he eased up and stopped yelling at my sister. I knew that if I did that she would back me up if anything bad happened to me.

I believe that my sisters are my best friends, they will help me succeed in anything that I do, no madder what it is. There may be times when they don’t agree with my choices in life and they will tell me but I understand that they want me to be happy. They want to make sure that I live a happy life and a safe one. There was a time when I was maybe 12 years old and my younger sister who was about 10 were playing outside with this small rubber ball, and believe me those rubber balls were the best thing anyone can have around that time. Well when we were playing with it the ball had flown across the street and I wasn’t old enough to cross the street, but I didn’t listen to my parents at the time so I crossed the street. My sister followed me and we were practically pushing each other in the middle of the street. When I caught the ball I was ready to cross the street so I only looked one way and of course I didn’t look the other way I decided to cross then out of no where my sister pulls me back with out hesitation and before I knew it a car stopped right in front of me. At that very moment I knew my sister had just saved my life. I knew that my dad was right “ no madder what happens your sisters will have your back”. And from that day I knew that my sisters would always be there for me.

I believe as long as I have my family I will always be safe, loved

and cherished. I know that there may be times when I want to kill them or if I want to move out, no matter what choices I make in life good or bad they will back up my ideas and goals I have in life. My sisters will always be there for me no doubt.