Quietly Silent

Kevin - Santa Monica, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Noise is all around us may it be the television that is always blaring or the simple hum of the freeway. There is no escaping it-noise has become a part of our lives. In fact we depend on the noise that surrounds us, the voices of the hopeful and the needs of want that push our society. We all add our two cents to the noise that fills our streets and consumes our lives.

I, in contrast, believe in being quiet. Which leaves me with as many opportunities as it does disadvantages.

As the school bell rings and I walk into class, I can hear the noise that has begun to fill the room. Without saying a word I’ve learned what happened over the weekend, who has a test next period and who’s personal life is going down the drain. Personally I don’t care what happened over the weekend, I don’t care who has a test in their next class, and I don’t care about someone else’s personal life. I choose not to add my thoughts on the matters presented above simply for the reason that nobody cares; I could care less about my own opinions on the life of somebody else. So why do my opinions matter so much to somebody else?

Being quiet has given me the opportunity to learn. I’ve learned when it is and is not appropriate to talk, I’ve learned that knowledge is all around us, may it be good or bad, and most of all I’ve learned that when we speak nobody is listening. So why do we waste our time sharing the simplest, the most outrageous, and the most secret parts of our lives? I as well as everybody else know that we, as a society, could really care less. Being quiet expands our minds, without someone always telling us what to do we begin to think for ourselves. Giving us more opportunities to widen our view on our opinions.

Keeping quiet has left me disadvantaged. Its hard to hold a conversation when you know that you don’t care what the other person is saying and you know they don’t care what you’ve got to say. We’re just making noise to pass the time. I have become the awkward silence in the conversation. I have become the kid who remarks about the idiosyncracies of fellow classmates, I have become the child that keeps to himself, avoiding the mindless blur of an actual conversation.

We as individuals are very selfish; we only want to hear what will somehow help us in the long run. Keeping quiet has allowed me to realize and understand this. The belief of being quiet has ridden me the materialism of noise and has given more value to what I have to say. You may say that this is extremely selfish and you may say that you don’t believe me. Maybe that is why it is my belief and not yours.