This I Believe

JoVaughn - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in smoothies. They are my answer to wanting relaxation. They are part of daily serving of fruit even though I don’t drink them everyday. When I drink a smoothie I feel like I have escaped all my problems and I am lying on a beach waiting to be served by two shirtless men. Smoothies are my excuse to helping me when I feel tired. Unlike other people I turn to smoothies as if I were a drug addict.

I never quite understood why people resolve to drugs and alcohol to relieve them from their stress and problems, when there are other solutions to problems. Like smoothies that’s why I chose to drink them so often.

When coming from a hard day of dance practice, out comes the question “Can we stop and get a smoothie?” When the answer is yes the biggest smile pops on my face. When the answer is no it’s like I just lost my best friend. Who would ever think that a person can obsess over something so small, a liquid, however it is not simply a liquid, it is also an escape to all problems, all drama, all pain, to all complications, and to all unwanted situation brought upon myself by other people.

Through my experience of drinking smoothies for so long I have learned that smoothies are cool and no mater what I am dealing with smoothies solve the problem.