This I Believe

Cosmo - Venice, California
Entered on June 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Don’t let it carve you

I believe in revolution. Too easily do I see my brothers and sisters, getting along fine, but not really, because deep inside or right on the shallow surface they are feeling pretty sad, maybe it’s because all the world is getting in their face, making them feel some how, any how. I have, been there I was a sixth grader at Lincoln high, getting cornered into a way of feeling bad, it took a revolt to get me out.

Now I’m a lazy eleventh grade highschooler, and if I have learned anything in my years it’s to apply the revolt as often as possible, especially concerning the little thing. Chuck D said fight the power, now I say fight the movie.

I knew I wouldn’t like it, but I knew that if I was to keep on living with the people I needed to know what the world was feeding them and anyhow they felt about it. So I went to see the immensely popular video game style movie 300. Ironically, earlier in the day I had attended the anti war marches in Hollywood, it was the four year anniversary of the war in Iraq, and marches were transpiring across the globe. So I was feeling particularly righteous and peace loving at the time. A detail that really thawed me up for teeth grinding once I sank into viewing the fascist propaganda.

What was I supposed to do; when I saw the thing my brain told me fascism. I could try and pretend there was beauty in the place, action to die for, and hot love making. But mine eyes sure didn’t see the glory. Maybe I should try and check with my brain again, nope; cutting heads and loving hate will always be bad eating in my home. I knew I would boo at the end, shoot did I, I booed to the point of comedy and barbarism, I was sure that as I continued to boo on my way out that if anyone gave me a problem my blood would come out and I’d pulverize the fool like as Spartan cutting through him and smiling all the wile. Just the vibe of a thing can carve a person’s complexity.

All I wanted to do was let them know. To let some twelve year old kid know that he don’t have to bath in the false glory, that some sucker out there is ludicrously outraged and there could be a reason why. Maybe the fool will think.

When I calmly related what I had thought and done to that gang of mine, I’ll be damned if they didn’t try to pierce me with spears and arrows. It wasn’t just that I had dishonored their baby, but it was that I had the nerve to boo which enraged them. “You need to keep your beliefs to yourself” said one, and “you aren’t supposed to think when you watch, just watch” another. So sorry world, I ain’t eatin it.