This I Believe

Oscar - 90066, California
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


A smile is a healer. A healer to those who are sad. A healer to those who are mad. A healer to those who need that moral lift. I believe in sharing a smile with others. What makes me happy is when I make others laugh and making someone’s day makes my day too.

I grew up having a happy childhood, not because I had many toys or I had an easy time growing up in Guatemala, but it was the power that a smile gave to me in my most distressing and depressing of times.

When my left ring finger almost got completely cut off when I was four my mother met me at the hospital and asked me if I was okay with tears down her cheeks. I remembered smiling at her, holding her cheek, and I said, “Yo estoy bien mami.” I remember her smile. Why this stuck out was because my smile made her smile and that mutual feeling that everything is all right made my mother calmer and reassured both of us that I was going to be fine.

Have you ever seen someone you didn’t know or a close friend depressed and in turn made you feel slightly depressed? If that’s true, shouldn’t a smile have the same effect? What truly makes my day is seeing those smiles of other people’s faces—either by telling a joke or commenting on something for a positive effect. In times where my friend who was having troubles in school and we had to take a test that was stressing her out I told to breath, I smiled at her, and I told her a funny joke. When I saw that smile that I haven’t seen for days, I was not only happy because I relieved her stress, but that made me feel great for having helped a friend in her desperate time.

I believe that a smile makes a world of a difference to those who need it. I truly believe that if a smile is shared with others it can help heal friends, family, and strangers from their problems. I say smile…it doesn’t hurt you and it doesn’t hurt me. Smiling can only help us have a more pleasant and happier life.