This I Believe

Whitney - Bellevue, Washington
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life’s Choices

I am just an ordinary 15 year old girl who lives in Bellevue Washington. This is what most people see when they look at me, but that is only the outside. This is what I am, not who I am. My grandfather once told me, “You are who you choose to be.” At first I thought he was just giving me some confusing advice. So I just did the usual teenage smile and nod, then added a little thanks. Yet, my grandfather’s phrase stuck with me. I kept thinking about it and what it really meant. My grandfather was a great man and still is to me. He was in the Navy, married my grandmother, had three children, and 5 grandchildren including me.

I believe that every person becomes who they are by the way they think and choose to act. Many people search their whole life trying to figure out the big picture, who they are, or what their meaning in life is. They try to mend the imperfections like an infected wound. I believe that every person has a purpose in life but don’t realize it. You don’t see the lives you have changed or the things you have done that stand out. Sometimes it’s just the smallest things that can change someone’s life forever. You see people suffering, yet they can still find the pursuit of happiness within the darkest of places. This is because within their lives they choose to be happy and make the best out of their situation by seeking the little bit of perfection that will never be stripped away. In this world there will always be imperfections but within those imperfections there is always a choice. The choice to change who you are into the way you want to be.

I believe your choice is what determines your outcome. You choose your own path and create your own journey. What I have learned is that even though we choose our own path and who we are, that doesn’t mean we have to travel down the same path all our life. When I have hard times and obstacles to overcome I try my best to choose my own path and make the best choice. I know I must live each day the way I want to and the way I know I should, but I cannot speak for anyone else. Each year there will be new challenges and difficulties for us to address. Some that we will chose to let affect us, possibly making us a whole new person.

As the years go by I will make many more choices, as will you and we will become who we are through those choices. As my grandfather said, “You are who you choose to be.” It is our choice to improve our imperfections, find our pursuit of happiness, and overcome our obstacles through the years of our lives.