This I Believe

Carrie - Willcox, Arizona
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: war

This I Believe

I believe that our troops are fighting for nothing. I believe they should not be over there. I believe that Bush does not know what he is doing. I believe that our troops should come home.

The wars that are going on in Iraq and Afghanistan are not our wars. Bush has our troops over there for the wrong reason. He only wants to get a chance to protect oil that he thinks he will have one day. The United States has plenty of oil in Alaska and the Gulf. Do not try to tell me they are over there for “world peace”, so far all they are doing is causing more problems. Bush tries to tell us that they are over there fighting the “bad guys” to make our country safer. When in fact the safety of our country is at risk because the majority of our troops are over seas where they do not belong.

Those are not our wars. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan have been at war long before we got in the middle of it. I say if they want to kill themselves, let them! Honestly we are not going to be able to stop them. So why be over there?

We have our own problems that need our troops, like the border problem. Send our troops there, not to some country that wants us out anyway. Bush does not pay attention to what is in front of him. The governments of these countries have said over and over again “leave, we can handle our own affairs.” Does Bush listen, no! He sends more of our soldiers over to fight, possibly to die. The biggest thing is, it is not any of our concern. Most of these soldiers have families at home, does he care, no! All he cares about is if he can eventually get the oil.

What will it take to bring our men and women home? He is putting our country through more heartache and trouble than the great depression did. He is slowly but surely destroying our country with these wars. Supporting wars that are not our business, which the United States can not afford, putting us into debt even more.

Our troops are called United States soldiers for a reason. They belong in the United States, fighting our own problems, supporting our own country. Not some country who does not care about us. I believe that our troops should come home!