This I Believe

jessica - San Diego, California
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What do I believe in? I believe in thinking that the person who I was born to be is good enough for the world. I believe in self acceptance. I believe that people who try to change themselves to fit in with the rest of the world are idiots. I believe that when you are lucky to have been given a life, you should be thankful and not insult your parents by trying to change your self appearance.

When a person does not like who they are because they don’t look like the rest of the world they try to change their self appearance. This begins to happen mostly in high school, this is when all the cliques begin, you know the cheerleaders, the jocks, the geeks, and many others, and if you don’t look like everyone in those cliques you become an outcast so you change yourself just to fit in with all the other people. When you begin to change your self appearance your parents may take it as an insult to them because they think that you don’t like whom they raised you to be. I began to realize that I was changing myself just because I wanted to fit in with the popular people. I realize that if your friends do not like you for who you are you have got to find new friends because your real friends would accept you for the person you are.

When I began high school I realized that I didn’t dress like all the other people in high school so I decided that if I change my self appearance, I would get more friends, so I decided to buy more clothes that fit in with what other people were wearing, you know the short shorts and skirts, and the more revealing shirts, which I now believe was a big mistake. The friends that I have; I am thankful for because they don’t judge me on what I look like or how I act. My friends I just began to realize are actually a lot like me. They have clothing styles that don’t agree with lots of other people, and they have attitudes that are very outgoing. The only difference that they have from me is that they always did not care what other people think of them which is why I used to envy them, but now I know that all I have to do is believe in myself and stop caring what the world thinks and start caring about what you think of yourself.

This may sound dumb to some people because they have changed themselves to fit in and it has worked, but I believe that self acceptance is very important in life because you will go through life believing that other people are always looking down on you, and that you always have to change to fit in with everyone else in the world. You may not like the thought of belonging to a clique called the geeks but sometimes you just have to give up on caring what the world thinks and have self acceptance, because the person that you truly are may be better then the person you were trying to become. This I believe, I believe in self acceptance.