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Erin - Sandy Hook, Connecticut
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay: Medical Workers Are Unappreciated

They take our blood pressure, diagnose our health problems, and prescribe our medicine. I truly believe that medical health workers are unappreciated. Often in society individuals are quick to point the fingers at the medical field. Whether individuals are frustrated with non-concrete diagnosis, medicine not available for or a certain ailment, or the simple impatience of trying to schedule an appointment with a highly in demand doctor, individuals always find something to criticize. Society often forgets how much health care workers help individuals. Medical workers have some of the most intense schedules, and rarely have enough time to take for vacations. The majority of people involved in the medical field are selfless, working one’s own best to help another individual. Often individuals in the medical field involve themselves completely in the patient’s life. Usually medical workers immerse themselves to the progress or the decline of a patient’s health. Recently while shadowing in a neurology clinic, I witnessed how hard each medical professional worked to secure the well being of the various patients. Many of the employees in the office scheduled appointments with patients during their own lunch break. The office often overbooks patients into the schedule just so they can see as many patients as possible. These very admirable individuals work as hard as they can to ensure the best care a patient needs. So the next time an individual wants to criticize individuals in the medical field, one should remember the amount of effort they put to keep individuals healthy.