This I Believe

lauren - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe


Lauren Diamont

I believe people have become too involved, too stressed, and too unhappy in their everyday lives. We all need to stop and just take a second to enjoy our lives. I believe in the power of a smile. A smile can make even the worst days ever into a little ounce of joy. This little ounce of happiness is what drives us to get up and do it all over again and again.

I believe that a smile is contagious. A smile can be given and received. It is an intangible present that can be given or opened at anytime. A smile can quickly bring light to thousands of people in a matter of seconds. I have never before seen a gift that can do such that.

A while back when my parents got divorced most of my family, brothers, and I were in a sad and depressing position. Being the older brother I found myself having act as the leader, taking care of my siblings. It was very hard for me to see such sad and confused faces and I wasn’t going to stand for that. One day we were at the park trying to get our minds away from our parents and just think about other issues. As I threw the a football to my second youngest brother tripped and fell face first into the sand, I chuckled a little and then turn to my third youngest brother and he was rolling on the floor laughing. I laughed harder too and before we knew it everyone in my family was laughing at this funny incident, even now my sand covered brother was laughing. That’s when it clicked for me. Smiles and laughter made all of us forget about other issues that upset us. For the rest of the day we all did stupid and very funny things to take our minds in a place of happiness. We can home with smile from one ear to the other.

This realization for me was one that would stay with me for the rest of my life. The everlasting effect of a smile is the best gift that one could ever give. A smile has been the unspoken language from when the time man first existed and has continued to infect the people it is surrounded with. I believe a smile has the power to change people; it makes them take a second to enjoy the essence of life.