This I Believe

Dorothy - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: 65+

Will I See You In Heaven?

(Because you asked)

You asked, is there a heaven for me?

Where will I be, after I’m gone?

Like our ancestors, grandparents, parents and friends

I’ll be in your thoughts, whispers in the wind.

Hear my voice in the rustling leaves

Feel my soul in a forest of trees

In the mountains, flowers, birds and seas

They are part of me, my eternity.

Listen to music, remember to sing

I will sing with you, wherever you be

Drink in beauty from a sunset down by the sea

And your soul will share sacred space with me.

Walk in the mountains

By a beautiful stream

Marvel at stars and hear the birds sing

You will have found my god and me.

In every language and every land

My god could not choose a people or clan

My god and eternity are too big to understand

And I am small in a scheme so grand.

But for those who love me, who’ve been touched by my hand

They will remember – which I can comprehend.

I hope you will miss me, but do not mourn

I am alive when your memories are born.

With much love to Sara,

Grandma Dot