This I Believe

Sean - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes the mistake is small and it is easily overcome, but sometimes it is major and affects the person’s life. Regardless of the magnitude, people deserve a second chance they will learn from their mistakes. The basis for my reasoning comes mostly from observations of my sister’s actions. My sister is two years younger than me and she has made a few mistakes in her life, which have changed the way she views life today. My observation of her struggle has changed the way I view life also.

About a year ago, my sister, a ninth grader at the time, entered the high school scene which brought upon meeting new people, making new friends, and many challenges. She felt the urge to fit in and conform to the high school stereotype, otherwise known as the popularity contest. Apparently she was led to believe that taking drugs was a cool thing to do and the people that took them were also cool and should be looked up to. About two months after entering high school she was in a downward spiral from being a good student, making wise decisions, to a flaky student, making bad ones. It took my parents only a short time to catch on to my sister’s new rambunctious behavior and rebellious attitude. My parents confronted her, got help, and soon she was back to her normal self, making right choices. Now, a year later, my sister is top, or near the top, in all her classes. She has made friends who make right choices and as a result, she does not need to try to impress them by making bad ones.

The way my sister’s attitude cycled has changed the way I look at life today. I believe that my sister has changed for the better because she learned from the mistakes she made in her freshman year of high school. I believe because my sister was given a second chance in life, will continue to succeed in the future. Everyone deserves a second chance and, if given a second chance with motivation such as family, people will change since they have learned from their mistakes.