This I Believe

Maria - Los Angeles, California
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“I think, therefore I am” stated René Descartes a seventeenth century French philosopher.

If there is one thing I have learned in my life it is that determination is key. As humans we are often taken over by our emotions and accept the ways we feel as the only option. The realization that one is able to alter their own moods and emotions is often discredited. Yet Human mental capabilities are powerful and we can make ourselves feel better.

Few people know this about me, but when I was a very small girl I was extremely self conscious, to the point of hating myself. During the constant battle of attempting to find myself, I passed through several stages, one of those was self-mutilation. I engaged in several activities which I am not proud of. I went through times in my life in which I found living pointless and desired death, to the point of attempting to end my life altogether.

I began to notice that even if my struggles were difficult to get through, other individuals had harder demons haunting them and yet they managed to get through life. This is when I realized that life is what one makes it to be. I strongly believe that life is a physical manifestation of what goes on in my head. With this I mean that to make something happen all one has to do is to think about it and it becomes reality.

Even devastation can be a blessing in some respect; it is all about point of view. The same exact situation could be so many different things to diverse people due to their personal perception about it. I know it sounds surrealistic, but when applied to realistic subjects it is true. Attaining happiness is only a matter of wanting to be happy and truly believing in it. For example, most people usually feel like life is over when a stage in their life is discontinued, yet if one sees it as a new beginning instead of an ending then they are much more likely to succeed and get through the experience unharmed. When applying to college I underwent several difficulties. As an undocumented student the process was more complex for me than it usually is for others. At times I sincerely felt like giving up, and asked myself and everyone around me “what is the point anyway”. But after a lot of reflection and support I stopped feeling sorry for myself and accepted my reality. I then knew things were the way they were for a reason and believed that destiny holds something greater for me in the future. This enabled me to focus on my current studies and create a plan for my future education. Being able to see the best in my situation and resisting the temptation of defeat made me grow as an individual and filled me with strength. I do not quite understand why things are what they are, but I accept them as they are and always try to make the best of all situations, this enables me to be a greater, happier individual overall.

Life is incomprehensible, thereby the way that it happens and how it can be managed is misunderstood. To understand life is impossible, but if there is a way, it will be though the human brain. The human brain is the most complex object that has ever existed in humanity. All one can do individually is to believe that actual control over ones life can be taken and do so. While life might seem to be more physical, I believe life is primarily mental and then transfused into a physical state which can be mostly controlled by ones own brain.