This I Believe

Sherri - Elizabethville, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect


“…Everyone expects respect

No matter who they are

The only way to gain it

Is to start treating everyone

As a friend, a brother, a sister

As part of our extended family

No matter what color or creed they are

Only then you will start to get

The respect you so dearly crave”

By: David Harris

Do you think everyone deserves respect? Some people just don’t understand that something big can come out of giving someone just a little respect. You should treat everyone, even the people you don’t like the way YOU want to be treated. I know this is an old saying but it sums the meaning of respect into a few words. You may not believe this but respect has an awesome affect on a person. You could just walk by a person and say that they look nice today, and that could change their day from being bad to happy.

I don’t think that respect can change the world but it can give people better attitudes. Something as little as a compliment can help a person feel better about themselves. I know when I was in my ninth grade year of high school these girls blamed me for something I didn’t do and put me down. I would walk by my teachers in the hall and they would say that I looked nice and just that little compliment made me feel so much better than I had felt before.

Even when a teacher sees that you are down they should just say something nice or try and make you feel better. I know a certain teacher who I don’t think knows the meaning of respect. I had this teacher for math and he wasn’t concerned about anyone else but himself. He would write notes on the board and make us write them down even if they made no sense. Then he would give us our homework and say this is due tomorrow. We would all be lost and we would be trying to figure out what to do. Well let’s just say he wasn’t the best teacher. I ended up with a low B in his class. But the next year I had another teacher and got an A all year round, because he would help you when you didn’t know what to do. He respected our presence, this wasn’t just a way to get money it was his way of helping the world.

I believe others should be treated with courtesy. They shouldn’t just be thrown around like a ball to be kicked in the face, they live in this messed up world too and should be treated with some love. Some people don’t understand the meaning of respect and others do. I guess it is all in the genetics of the person. But at least I can say I believe in respect.