This I Believe

Kaite - san jose, California
Entered on June 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Chinese Food and Ice Cream

I believe that your friends may come and go, but that your family is forever.

When my friends get mad at their family they always complain that they are so annoying, and that they wished they had born into a different one. It gets me so mad because I was raised to understand that your family are the people that love you the most. My family are the people that stand by me

when my life feels as if its falling apart. They sit with me for hours when all I need to do is talk. They tell me the truth when no one else will, especially when I wear my banana colored wedge heel shoes. My sisters are the ones who I go to when I’m having an off day with my friends at school. I sit with them at lunch, and even though people think it’s dorky to sit with your younger sisters as a high school sophmore at lunch, it makes me feel a whole lot better then sitting by myself somewhere. They don’t care when you crash your first car at ten years old. Only that you came out of it ok, and what you were thinking driving a car at ten. That is why I believe that even though you might think your friends are “cooler” that your family will love you unconditionally no matter what.

In the fifth grade I thought it would be a fun to run for student body president. I filled out the application, and found out my opponent was this boy who was really popular. I thought that if I had a good speech, and got people involved that maybe I would have a chance. I came home from school the day before speeches, and I was really excited. My sisters were both in fourth grade, and they were really ecstatic to help me win. My friends all told me that I wouldn’t win, and that I was stupid for running. My entire family helped me that night. My grandma helped me make a shirt with my slogan on it, buttons, and helped me practice my speech until I got it perfect. On the front

of my shirt in red, and blue letters read “Don’t be square, Vote for Herr.” It made me so happy to put that shirt on the day of speeches I was so proud. My family instilled in me the ability to stand up for what I believed in, who I was, and what I was going to accomplish as the president of Lone Hill Elementary. To my amazement they announced that day that the winner was the boy. I stood in the cafeteria with a white face and red eyes. I knew then and there that my

family would support me no matter what. None of my friends consoled me that day. Everyone snickered at me as I walked by them in the halls.

After school I walked home with my head down, and to my surprise my family was there for a failure celebration. We had ice cream drumsticks and chinese food, and as I looked around the table I thought to myself that I was pretty lucky to have my family. This is why I believe.