This I Believe

Heaven - San Deigo, California
Entered on June 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe…

While growing up I learned that friends were something you keep close to your heart. You told them your secrets and desires. I grew up to many sleep less nights when my sister would have her friends over, just talking about boys and there futures. They would talk about there types of guys they were in to like mature, sophisticated, thuggish, college bound…etc. Now I have fell into her footsteps. I find my friends and me debating about if are crushes are right for one another. Questioning if they’re faithful, sweet, caring, or even worth or time. If one of us were having relationship problems we would tell the group and wait for there advice, some of the advice would be token to the heart and get used and others would be in one ear and out the other. This I believe… I believe that friends affect love lives. I have witnessed it first hand. I had been talking to a boy for a month or so and during that time I was told that he was talking to someone else as well. Of course I confronted him about it and he swear up and down that it was a previous relationship and that he had no longer had feelings for this person. Now I had to decide if I should believe my friend of five years or I guy I knew for a month, which wasn’t a hard. I think that the reason that a friend’s point of view is so important is because you’re not going to see what you don’t want to. Because of your feelings your judgment can be clogged. I also think of it as your friends are looking out for you, which is the whole point of friends.