This I Believe

Mario - Randolph, Vermont
Entered on June 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Belief in God is the joke of fools. Or so would those who actively believe in no God. However, there are many reasons for me to believe that believers in God are just as logical as those who believe that Human thought is the pinnacle of consciousness.

“If everything has a beginning, who created God?” This question is meant to cause those who believe in God to writhe. Yet, many who have no belief in God also believe in an eternal ‘entity’. It’s called the multiverse. If I, a believer in God am labeled superstitions or a bit foolish, how about those who, instead of believing in an eternal creator with a personality, believe in an eternal ‘creator’?

Those who say that we, the believers, are foolish to believe in someone we call a creator who supposedly made mistakes in that one’s creation would do well to reflect on their own creations, such as computer programs, automobiles, espresso machines, and myriads of other human creations. These also have glitches. Should we conclude that these have no engineer? No.

So please, militant athiests of the world, listen to me. I am not trying to convince you of my beliefs, as you most likely won’t change mine. But at lease give us the dignity that we are not some foolish subset of humans who haven’t been liberated. We are every bit as logical as you. I promise to treat you with the same dignity.